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    Ductile cast iron ball quality control points

      With the casting towards high strength, lightweight direction, ductile iron relatively speaking market is growing. Ductile iron castings due to the need of molten iron, nodularization inoculation, process quality control is very important.The production of ductile iron castings to pay attention to the following principles: principle

      1 mold parting surface as close as possible to the main cavity is arranged in the bottom box, for process design, less, sand box rigidity eat sand amount proportional solidification, thick part by direct cold iron or sand cold iron, accelerated cooling to obtain qualified organization. The principle of design of gating system is fast casting, slag, feeding, economic, easy to clean.The inner gate shape with rectangular (square or nearly square) good easy feeding, filling the small temperature difference. Should not inside the gate opened semicircular or triangular feeding effect is poor, semicircular or triangular Gate Center insulation is strong, with gate center and casting part is easy to shrinkage cavity formation.

      2, filling solidification after quickly improve casting smoothness and internal density, non riser simplify the working procedure cost savings, as much as possible with a dark riser riser and easy operation, large pieces of if open riser not once poured must use artificial set fire to a large role (Bu Tieshui).

      3, ductile iron castings production to control the occurrence of white, not hard edged, solution: (1) control of chemical composition (2) increase the gate, (3) out of molten iron temperature of >1450 DEG C, increasing pouring temperature.