Muslimah & Tech

As we know that IT industry is overwhelmingly filled with men. When girls see that, they immediately label IT as made for men and difficult. That’s why I want to more know about IT.  Women would do things differently. Women have special traits that men don’t have. We are a natural multi-tasker, we have bigger empathy to think about other people’s well-being, technology will help women to find solution for problems in community, we’re more creative and we code differently too. This is all our strength, that when combined with technology can produce a high impact technology-based products that will benefit the economy of wider community, and of course will accelerate our success.

Finally I was choose Software Engineering Department when I was at Vocational High School. At first I think I have picked the wrong department, I’m not good with IT. But over time, I found that technology is answer from every problems. And I start enjoy it. Moreover, everything IT-based today's. We can not live without technology.

But why now I study islamic education? Not sinkron right? :D
For long-term, I want to be a lecturer and create  generation of Muslims who dominate the technology. One way is build technology-based educational institutions and entering education of moral in subjects. That way, will born high-tech generation and have good morals. I have a strong commitment to realize the concept of education. 1) Emphasis technological knowledge; 2) Growing the good morals. Creating a technician who hafidz or hafidz Quran, why not? Moeslem must one step ahead..

This is first post that use english hehe. I can't speak english very well, sorry if I do some wrong in this text #CMIIW :)


  1. Wishing that your dream will come true asap for a better Indonesia :) aamiin aamiin aamiin

    1. Aamiin ya Rabb, thankyou dear my sistaaa :)

  2. Aamiin..Aamiin ..Amiin Ya Rabbalamin..wish the best for you my great sister..:)